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Photography Club: After School Arts Program/Workshop at Queens Technical HS

I was contacted by Sharon Volpe who is a teacher from Queens Technical HS who runs the after-school Arts program to come in and talk to her students about Photography. I gladly said YES! I didn’t know what to expect honestly but I was definitely surprised how interested these kids were about photography. The level of questions varied from “how do I use a camera” to “how do I get clients?”. I wish I had enough time to answer all their questions but because I only had an hour with them, I decided to focus on keeping it fun and show them the process of film especially since none of them had any knowledge or experience of what film photography is - some have never even seen a film camera. It was such a pleasure watching their strong desire to learn. I couldn’t help but to wish I had more so I could give them all my knowledge.

Here are some film shots of the students from the workshop. Shot with my Pentax 67 + Kodak Portra 400.

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