Wed Feb 1 2017

ONA Bags family have been one of my biggest supporters since I began photography 3 years ago.  They were the first camera bag I've ever purchased which I still use to this day.  I was also featured on their Photographer Profile series.  About a month ago, they reached out to me about a cool project they thought I would be perfect for. They were releasing two new products - The Bond Street bag and Kyoto Wrist Strap at the end of January.  Of course, without any hesitation, I said "duh". But what came to a great surprise is they gave gave me full creative control on the photo concept as well as video - YES, video! If you've been actively following me, you would know that I began doing personal video projects as well as with clients/brands (LGV20 campaign) last year.  One of my goals for 2017 was to be commissioned by a brand for a video project, and I can't thank the ONA family enough for putting their trust in my vision. This was truly a milestone for me and I'm so extremely honored to have accomplished this with a brand that's been with me since the beginning of my photography career.

I also want to thank Christina Emilie for saying yes to being my subject as well as being a great friend and inspiration to the photography community. 

Here is the video I shot and edited for the release of their new products. You can also read more about this project on the ONA's Blog site. 

Tue Jan 31 2017

In an effort to connect with my followers/audience, I decided to create a social/networking meet at The Chord Club on 1/30.  I wanted to see who actively were really following me on a personal level, so I decided to only provide this information via my Instagram Story feed.  I was happy to see the response in interest but I know it would be limited since it was going to be held during a work week from 2-4pm. I was please with the amount of people that showed up, some familiar but mostly new faces. It was a very small and intimate group which is always ideal for me in trying to spend enough quality time with each one. Really want to thank them and show them as much appreciation as possible. 

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